3 Benefits of Acoustic Baffles in Chicago, IL

3 Benefits of Acoustic Baffles

If you are looking to improve the overall sound quality of your office space and also reduce stress, acoustic baffles may be your solution.

Sound baffles are acoustic treatment panels that are suspended vertically from the ceiling. These baffles are typically hung by attaching two small-gauge steel cables to anchor points between the panel and the ceiling. Each baffle comes in a variety of shapes and sizes to fit your specific needs.

Acoustic baffles work like a regular ceiling or wall-mounted acoustic panel. The sound energy penetrates the panel, causing the tiny glass wool fibers inside the core material to vibrate. These vibrations produce friction between the fibers, producing small amounts of heat, and this heat dissipates quickly, converting sound energy into thermal energy.

But how can these acoustic baffles benefit my office? Acoustic baffles have many benefits, and we’ll go over those below.

Benefits of Acoustic Baffles

  • Improved acoustic quality: By deadening unwanted sound using acoustic baffles, you can make other sounds much clearer. This leads to improved intelligibility of speech in your offices, especially in your meeting space. If, during your meetings, you’re finding it hard for your employees to talk to each other because the sound quality is poor, it can damage your business as a whole significantly. Also, that happens because your ceilings don’t absorb sound waves properly, causing your voices to blend and making the whole meeting highly confusing to everyone. With quality acoustic baffles, your ceiling’s sound absorption improves massively, making your meeting much clearer than ever before.
  • Reduced stress: This might sound weird to you, but it is actually true. Cutting out unwanted noise helps your employees reduce stress levels too. If people can clearly hear what’s being said and can work in peace, they are less likely to become frustrated and irritated by the noise and their inability to understand what’s going on.
  • Improve productivity: In offices especially, a space without excess noise can enhance your employees’ productivity by a long shot. It can be much easier for staff to hear customers on the phone and make conference rooms places that can be used without worries about confidential information leaking out.

Now that you know how much your office’s acoustics impact your business, what’s left is to find a professional company to install acoustic baffles the right way.

Altispace in Chicago has been in the acoustic industry for years and has helped hundreds of businesses with their office acoustics to improve productivity and significantly reduce stress.

We also provide additional services such as acoustic beams, shapes, and blades in Chicago.

Sound quality is as important as ever, especially if you have a business with multiple employees that often have meetings. Having excellent acoustics can greatly improve productivity and reduce stress levels for your workers. If you want to level up your Chicago office design and reduce the overall noise, call us now, and we will answer all your acoustic baffles questions.

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