Acoustic Ceiling Beams for Noise Reduction in Indianapolis, IN

As the name reveals, Acoustic Ceiling Beams are a type of fitting utilized to dampen the sound that travels through a room. Acoustic beam ceilings give your space a unique character and provide visual intrigue. A combination of materials is utilized to create our beams; this includes a wood frame, fiberboard, honeycomb door core and acoustic PET material. We provide a variety of standard sizes and colours and can also work with you to customize our product for your Indianapolis project.

Acoustic ceiling beams may completely change the look of a room’s ceiling and give character, warmth, and atmosphere to the interior design of the area. Beams are especially beautiful when added to vaulted ceilings, which enhances the appearance of the spacious, empty space.

Major Benefits of Acoustic Ceiling Beams

Acoustic ceiling beams are a fundamentally effective way to help reduce noise in buildings. They can absorb sound, lessen reverberations, and prevent sound from escaping into nearby locations. However, the sound absorbent property isn’t the only benefit that these protective measures provide. They might additionally:

  • Help increase energy productivity.
  • Assist in constructing a year-round haven.
  • Improve interior areas without a major redesign.
  • Cover up unsightly ventilation work, pipes, and cables.

Installing acoustic ceiling beams in Indianapolis will primarily reduce noise and enhance the beauty of your room. Workplaces and bothersome neighbours can produce these sounds, but HVAC systems and pipes running between the floor and the ceiling can as well. Such annoying noises emanating from neighbouring places might be muffled if you have correctly fitted acoustic ceiling beams.

They do this by preventing sound waves from propagating through the ceiling into adjacent rooms. The sound will reverberate off objects until it dissipates or finds a path to a different area. Acoustic ceiling beams prevent this from happening by absorbing sound waves, hastening their disintegration and decreasing the chance that they will reflect off of them.

Acoustic Products from Altispace in Indianapolis, IN

At Altispace, we create a variety of acoustic ceiling beams that help you purposefully decorate your cloud space in Indianapolis, IN. When aesthetically organized inside a space, the dimensional characteristics of the design, along with the sound-diffusing qualities of acoustic felt, enhance the aesthetics, overall sound quality, and acoustical performance. Get in touch with Altispace today to order your premium Acoustic ceiling beams in Indianapolis, IN.

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