Acoustic Solutions in Toronto and Why Choose Acoustic Baffles for Your Ceiling Projects?

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Whether it’s a vibrant office, a dynamic co-working area, or a bustling shopping center, the need for effective acoustics cannot be overstated. In this blog post, we’ll delve into the world of acoustic solutions in Toronto focusing on why Altispace acoustic products stand out as the ultimate choice for your ceiling projects in Toronto, ON.

Altispace presents a selection of four distinct types of acoustic products. Explore our range, including Acoustic Baffles, Illuminated Acoustic Baffles, Acoustic Fins, and Acoustic Shapes. Crafted from eco-friendly PET felt materials, our products are lightweight for effortless installation, ensuring exceptional acoustic management in any space.

Understanding Acoustic Baffles

Altispace Acoustic Baffles effectively reduce reverberation and echoes in expansive environments like shopping centers, sports halls, concert halls, gymnasiums, hotel lobbies, offices, restaurants, hospitals, schools, and manufacturing plants.

Suspended from ceilings, these baffles absorb sound, mitigating the impact of highly reflective surfaces commonly found in spaces with high ceilings. As sound energy permeates the panel, it triggers vibrations within the tiny fibers nestled within the core material. These vibrations generate friction among the fibers, resulting in the generation of minute amounts of heat. Rapid dispersion of this heat throughout the panel efficiently converts sound energy into thermal energy.

This process optimizes acoustic performance and enhances the overall auditory experience in diverse settings.

Why Choose Altispace Acoustic Products?

Altispace offers Acoustic Baffles with NRC values ranging from 0.6 up to 0.8; Acoustic Fins and Acoustic Shapes with NRC values ranging from 0.75 up to 1, making them the ideal acoustic solutions in Toronto for co-working spaces, office environments, and open spaces.

Available in 17 distinct PET color options, our acoustic ceiling products seamlessly complement modern interiors, simplifying specification for your projects.

Our Acoustic Baffles with LED lights are customizable to suit your occasion. With a wide selection of color temperatures and brightness levels, you’re in control of creating the perfect ambiance.

Our Illuminated Acoustic Baffles with lighting, offer spectrum of Kelvin temperatures from 2700K to 5000K. The dimming functionality provides you with complete control over the mood, whether it’s a vibrant burst of energy or a soothing retreat.

Benefit from our exceptional support, from the initial quote to installation, with swift turnaround times guaranteed.

Our Acoustic Products are fire rated, ensuring safety and compliance with Class A standards, ASTM E 84 Tested, and CAN ULC/102 Tested.

If your space requires customized height, length, and thickness, Our Acoustic Baffles, Acoustic Fins and Acoustic Shapes can be tailored to meet your specifications. This personalized approach ensures that your vision is always upheld without compromise.

Where Are Acoustic Products Best Utilized?

Our Acoustic Baffles been catering to diverse markets in various settings, including Cafeteria, Corporate, Educational, Retail, Restaurant, Institutional, Auditorium, and Healthcare sectors.

Ideal for structures with high ceilings, they can be strategically positioned at varying heights, making them adaptable for moderately elevated ceilings as well. Now with our different installation methods such as flush mounting on drywall substrate allows Altispace Acoustic Products to be installed onto walls and spaces with low ceilings.

For enhanced acoustic management, our range includes Acoustic Shapes, which offer additional noise reduction, ensuring quieter environments.

Our Acoustic Shapes can be custom-tailored to fit any space, providing versatility in design and function. Available in 7 standard shapes (Square, Circle, Hexagon, Trapezoid, Left Parallelogram, Right Parallelogram, and Rectangle), 25 standard sizes and 17 standard acoustic colors.

In conclusion, Altispace Acoustic Baffles and Acoustic Shapes epitomize innovation, functionality, and style in the realm of acoustic solutions. Whether you’re embarking on a commercial renovation or seeking to elevate your space’s acoustics, Altispace baffles offer unparalleled performance and versatility.

Choose Altispace and embark on a journey towards acoustic excellence today, contact us to get started today –


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