Hanging Acoustic Panels from the Ceiling

hanging acoustic panels in an office

You may have seen hanging acoustic panels when entering a conference room, meeting room, auditorium, or home theatre. Such baffles or panels are best suited for large, special halls and commercial spaces. Let’s understand what hanging acoustic panels are and learn about the different types and applications.

What Are Hanging Acoustic Panels? 

Hanging acoustic panels are the best-suited, top-notch option for revamping your office or other commercial properties. These large and soft-furnished sound-absorbing materials installed on top of ceilings with hanging equipment help reduce your noise, remove reverbs, and, more importantly, echo in a room.

Moreover, they are also called sound panels. Often, they are used in theatres, auditoriums, and conference rooms.

Rooms that echo or have a high sound resonance can harm the occupants, resulting in fatigue and lack of concentration. Furthermore, echoes caused by unusual background noise irritate people. As a result, acoustic panels can help to solve these issues.

How Do Hanging Acoustic Panels Work? 

Hanging acoustic panels are ceiling-mounted sound-absorbing elements. They can be made of various materials and come in various sizes, colours, and shapes. Acoustic panels collect and trap sound through design elements, reducing acoustic pollution within a closed space.

The expression “material sound absorption” refers to a material’s ability to absorb released sound energy to reduce or eliminate reverberation on the walls. Sound-absorbing panels can be useful and simple to install in various settings, including private homes, offices, and public spaces such as bars and restaurants, as well as meeting rooms, conference rooms, auditoriums, and theatres.

Materials used in Hanging Acoustic Panels 

Sound-absorbing panels are composed of two parts: an external one, which can be made of various materials and serves primarily as an aesthetic function, and an internal one, which is stuffed with materials capable of absorbing sound.

Each panel has refined design elements researched in great detail to ensure acoustic comfort and an appealing look, with plenty of modular solutions to suit any environment.

Acoustic baffles, such as acoustic deflectors, are optional for open ceiling spaces where airflow or easy access to the building is required. Ceiling and wall-mounted panels are available.

Acoustic clouds, structures made of hanging, sound-absorbing panels, contribute to fine-tuning the acoustics of a specific environment within the panorama of hanging acoustic panels. They are called “clouds” because they appear floating, but they can be mounted on walls or ceilings using steel cables and magnets.

There are also 3D acoustic clouds made of sound-absorbing fabric, whose weave enables sound waves to be captured more proficiently than flat fabrics. For acoustic panels, the most diverse materials can be used: those with a low density or spongy texture, such as foam; those compact with holes and cracks, such as wood and metal; and those covered with fabric, which is versatile and easy to adapt to more diverse environments.

Characteristics of Hanging Acoustic Panels 


Hanging acoustic panels are durable and easily transported from one place to another. Additionally, they are easy to install.

Fire Resistant

Hanging acoustic panels have a high resistance to fire or don’t catch fire.

Versatile & Multifunctional 

They come in various colours and can be cut into any shape. As a result, they complement your home’s décor while being multi-functional.

Termite Proof 

You do not need to be concerned about termites destroying the substance.

Low Shrinkage

Hanging acoustic panels have a low shrinkage or deterioration level, allowing them to last for 10 years or more.

Several Types of Hanging Acoustic Panels

Hanging acoustic panels are primarily used to improve the acoustics of indoor spaces for the benefit of the people who live or work there, who can greatly benefit from installing sound-absorbing elements.

This is why it is critical to select acoustic panels carefully, opting for sound clouds based on the functionality of the environment in which they will be installed. It is also critical to pay attention to installation because environments differ, and certain factors, such as room size, wall height, and so on, must be considered.

Prime Advantages of Installing Hanging Acoustic Panels 

Sound-insulating panels are extremely flexible and have some unique properties.

First and foremost, selecting one-of-a-kind solutions that allow for maximum environmental customization is possible. Furthermore, by improving the acoustics and the design of a single product, it is possible to leave a mark on the environment architecture in two ways.

Furthermore, the components’ flexibility allows them to create false ceilings to meet the most diverse needs and visually separate different areas within the same space.

Tools Needed

The nice thing about these products is that they allow you to install acoustic panels with minimal tools. Because most of the fabric we use to wrap the acoustic panels is made of recycled materials, they are easy to handle even without gloves, making installation even easier.

When you install acoustic panels from ALTISPACE, you get fantastic soundproofing results without having to do any hard construction work.

Why Hire ALTISPACE for Hanging Acoustic Panel Installation Services? 

Altispace is a dynamic company of forward-thinking individuals dedicated to perfecting the cloud space. Our teams quickly identified the need to improve the cloud space’s aesthetics and performance for the architectural market. We identified the following key features when developing our progressive product line for your designs:

Our USP’s 

  • Broad product range for the cloud space in your project
  • Flexibility in design and customization for unique design concepts
  • Cost-effective products due to efficient engineering and manufacturing processes
  • Made with eco-friendly materials and processes
  • Made using lightweight panel construction
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