Hanging Baffles in Pittsburgh, PA

While designing architecture, an interior designer should keep numerous things in mind. One example is how to get rid of noise problems. If you are finding yourself asking the same question, your answer is Hanging Baffles. Installing Hanging Baffles is the best way to control distracting sounds. 

Hanging Baffles might be an appropriate and practical solution in big and open spaces, especially commercial properties like corporate offices, restaurants and cafe lounges. 

We suggest combining baffles with acoustic wall treatments to provide a noise-reducing, vibrant touch. It’s similar to the ceiling baffles that offer a significant edge or approach to reduce noise echoing in the workspace, especially in high-traffic areas.

What are Hanging Baffles? 

Typically, Hanging baffles refers to the banners used for acoustical treatment in larger special rooms to make the space attractive and elegant. Hanging acoustical baffles are designed in such a way that is to be hung horizontally to a ceiling.

Altispace is a well-reputed brand offering best-in-class lightweight hanging baffles in Pittsburgh, PA. In addition to this, they are very effective sound absorbers that execute well to reduce echoes and increase the ability to hear speech.

Hanging baffles from the ceiling in a big space provide a noise solution that is out of the way and unnoticeable, even if their influence is evident! Alternatively, they can be hung lower to provide aesthetic appeal to a room. 

There are a lot of choices available on the market, though, for making these baffles appear like a decorative addition to the space. Many locations employ baffles or beams as a design element rather than merely an acoustic device. We provide solutions with a variety of colours and sizes that can be hung in many orientations to provide customizability for any project.

Significance of Hanging Baffles

To deliver super-effective sound absorption, we are committed to making our sound baffles utilizing fibreglass, foam & more importantly, eco-friendly materials. As a result, hanging baffles play an important and significant role in making your workspace as elegant and beautiful as ever before. 

Apart from this, hanging baffles offer absorption to a room in need of improved voice clarity and sound clarity. Absorption eliminates echo and reverberation in the commercial space in which it is installed. High-hanging baffles are made up of lightweight materials with foam control.

Ceiling solutions are a fine place to begin! Reverberation frequently gives the impression of a loud noise in the distance. The loudness of the room as a whole, can cause ear fatigue and impair listening attention. Installation of sound absorption baffles will immediately make a difference, regardless of the size of the space.

In a super-spacious room or commercial property like a cafe, office, restaurant or bar lounge where sound and communication are crucial, hanging baffles are a great noise control solution. Without panels to absorb sound, Communication can become unpleasant especially when voices become loud or live music is present. Inside lightweight hanging baffles, soft foam-like material is enough to absorb sounds.

Increased safety

You risk missing crucial safety information if you work in a noisy industrial setting and can’t hear what your coworkers say. But that is only one example. Even noise itself can be harmful. 

According to the journal of  Environmental Health Perspectives, millions of employees worldwide are exposed to harmful noise levels at work in sectors like manufacturing. Regarding safety, hanging baffles are a bonus in every workplace since they promote communication and minimize potentially dangerous noise.

Reduced Stress

Installation of super-effective and best-in-class hanging baffles in the workspace or commercial domains reduces stress and transforms your special room or office roof into an eye-catching one. 

Sometimes, disruptive noise can divert your mindset and focus. That’s why Altispace is here to help you. Hanging baffles will help you to improve your stress and anxiety.  

Improved Speech

In a vast auditorium, the goal of listening to a speaker is to comprehend what they are saying. Without acoustic barriers, all you could notice were complaints and echoes. Thanks to acoustic hanging baffles, you won’t strain your ears to hear the message clearly.

Added Aesthetic Feel and Quality 

Hanging baffles come in various colours; they may be altered by adding artwork, logos, or other designs. In this manner, a sound baffle may help raise brand recognition or even give colourful accents to a space.

Effective Installation 

Altispace acoustic hanging baffles are an easy and convenient sound-proofing solution, as no special construction skills are required. They are also lightweight panels that hang proportionally from the ceiling by chains and hooks. Wall-mounted baffles can hook up to the wall as easily as hanging a picture. Installation is easy and effective.

Why choose Altispace for Hanging Baffles Installation in Pittsburgh, PA? 

Altispace aims to provide the best and most satisfactory sound-absorbing hanging baffles created for the optimum performance for all your acoustic guidelines. Also, we’ll give you genuine advice and deliver top-class solutions for all-scale commercial properties in Pittsburgh, PA.

Along with that, our sales team is always there to assist you all the time. If you have any questions, get in touch with us!

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