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Acoustics are the best and most satisfactory option to give your commercial buildings and offices a new elegant look and feel. One solution many people are having success with on ceilings is the installation of acoustic clouds. These clouds come in many shapes and sizes and are becoming more affordable than ever. For the first time, it is a solution that everyone can afford if they want to see the difference it makes.

What is an Acoustical Ceiling Cloud? 

The term ‘Acoustical Cloud Ceiling’ refers to large panels suspended parallel to the ceiling to absorb sound waves at two essential points. It absorbs sound as it squeezes or travels upward toward the ceiling system as it bounces off the ceiling back toward the floor.

This dual absorption ability reduces echo and reverb in a space. Thus, this makes them great options for restaurants, offices, rehearsal spaces and more. As soon as sound travels toward the ceiling, it is absorbed by a ceiling cloud. It also works well when the sound bounces back to the floor. Having two ways to absorb sound reduces resonances and reduces overall noise.

Positive Impact of Acoustic Ceiling Clouds 

An acoustic ceiling cloud is vital in taking your office design to the next level. Moreover, it reduces the enhanced noise levels and echo available in the space.

How are Ceiling Clouds Different? 

Ceiling clouds create a modern appearance combined with noise reduction and reverberation control in most environments, including residential and commercial spaces. Clouds feature outstanding architectural design flexibility, visual interest, exceptional sound absorption, and aesthetics.

Exposing the backside of clouds has an acoustical gain. More air increases the panel’s ability to capture and convert echo from the surrounding environment.

Acoustic clouds are suspended parallel and offset from the ceiling, absorbing sound waves at two points. Good absorption tends to happen when sound travels toward the ceiling and then glances back to the floor. This dual-absorption ceiling cloud hinders noise and diminishes echo.

Core Features of Acoustical Ceiling Clouds 

They are a perfect soundproofing solution for areas with limited wall space

  • Dual sound absorption
  • Defines spaces and accentuates a feature wall
  • Mix and match shapes or sizes
  • Custom configuration available
  • Suspended individually

Significant Pros of Acoustic Ceiling Clouds in Commercial Buildings 

Acoustic ceiling clouds are the best option for commercial buildings and more. Each year, they are popping up more consistently. Even those areas that are not that noisy still have some benefits:

Easy to install 

Acoustic ceiling clouds are extremely simple to install (and take down if they are no longer needed). They usually come with eye hooks that allow them to be easily hung from any ceiling. It is not too much of a burden because they are portable.


The clouds do not experience a lot of wear and tear once they are installed. Unless something unusual occurs, there is no reason why these couldn’t last for years and years.

They do not lose effectiveness over time; most people only replace them if they want a different design or colour.

Outstanding sound-absorbing 

Many acoustic ceiling clouds have a sweet spot around an NRC of .95. This will reduce echoes and reverberations. It benefits everything from essential speech to having more precise sounds from musical instruments. Some folks use it merely in an office, while others use it in a music studio or practice area.

Options Galore 

There are no limitations and several colours available with different designs and layouts.

How does it stack up against other soundproofing options for the ceiling? 

It isn’t easy to find a better deal than these clouds. They are affordable, simple to install and come in various styles. If there is a disadvantage to them, some people do not want to give up too much ceiling space if they are already in a tight spot.

They sit a little lower than the standard ceiling so that they may get in the way in some cases. The good news is that people don’t need as much space as they used to, so even that is now less of an issue.

Get in Touch with ALTISPACE for Sound Proofing Solutions 

If you are looking for the best-quality sound absorbing or acoustic ceiling clouds, there is no better option than ALTISPACE. We are top-notch ceiling manufacturers and design experts that offer you the most satisfactory ceiling systems for large-scale and commercial projects such as auditoriums, cafeterias, music studios, and corporate offices. We have a team of professional experts who collaborate to deliver the best results within the estimated timeframe.

Moreover, we manufacture high-quality products that offer a wide range of acoustic and laminate beams and shapes for your cloud space. We provide our products to the market cost-effectively due to our efficient engineering and manufacturing processes. Each product comes supplied with complete suspension systems and instructions.

Our personalized product line allows you to quickly and easily create your unique design concepts while also improving the aesthetics and performance of your cloud space.

When you receive your product, it’s ready for easy installation! We are a dedicated team from estimating, project management, and technical support every step of the way. Our team is prepared to help you from the first inquiry to your completed installation.

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