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Consider a busy restaurant or an area with ample open space, such as a gym or office. Sound from a speaker or conversation travels around the room, bouncing off hard surfaces and amplifying the noise. That energy is absorbed by treating a room with Altispace’s acoustic panels, which reduce echo or reverb and increase comprehensibility.

A Detailed Overview of Acoustic Panels 

Acoustic panels are wall panels made of or covered in soft materials to absorb sound. They can reduce reverberation, echo, and noise levels while improving the overall sound quality of the space by absorbing sounds.

They can be used to enhance acoustics almost anywhere. They are commonly used in offices to minimize background noise and in recording studios to improve sound quality. Many people use acoustic panels purely for decorative purposes!

Why are they used? 

Altispace panels or ceiling panels are created for all environments, not just for dubbing studios but for entire sectors. Acoustic treatment is vital for critical listening and creating a comfortable space for employees. Controlling ambient noise in offices, classrooms, and restaurants can be problematic. But the best way to deal with this is to install ALTISPACE acoustic panels.

Application Areas of Installing Acoustic Panels  

  • Classrooms
  • Offices
  • Cafeteria
  • Entertainment venues
  • Theatres
  • Sports Hall and Gyms

Significant Benefits of Acoustic Panels or Ceilings

The acoustic quality of a space is rarely discussed; after all, it’s not something you’re likely to consider frequently. Regardless, acoustics can have a significant impact on our daily lives. You can mitigate the effects of poor acoustics by installing acoustic panels.

Improved Sound Quality 

Acoustic panels can improve clarity and sound quality by reducing reverberation and echo, producing crisp, clear sound within a space. This is why they are widely used in environments where sound quality is critical, such as recording studios.

Increase Productivity 

Acoustic wall panels can positively impact employee productivity when used in areas such as offices or workspaces. Bad office acoustics can reduce productivity by raising noise levels, making it challenging to communicate with coworkers, and impairing people’s ability to concentrate. When an office is acoustically treated with acoustic wall panels, it can help create a quiet environment where employees can work.

Enhanced Interior Design 

As acoustic wall panels have become one of the most popular acoustic solutions, the demand for combining acoustics and aesthetics has increased. Nowadays, most acoustic panels are designed to provide as much aesthetic appeal as they do acoustic benefits.

Different types of new ceiling designs

Ceiling designs can be incorporated into different categories, but the most crucial aspect is acoustic panels: 

Soft Acoustic Wall Panels  – Soft acoustic panels are the most common. These are acoustic wall panels made of soft materials to provide the best sound absorption.

Wooden Acoustic Panels – Wooden acoustic panels are a desirable type of acoustic panel. While the wood itself is not the best material for sound absorption, the felt backing that it is paired with is.

Art Acoustic Panels – Acoustic panels with artwork are a very decorative type of acoustic panel. Art acoustic panels are designed to look like traditional wall art, but they also help improve your room’s acoustics!

Diffuser Acoustic Panels  – Wood diffuser panels vary slightly from acoustic panels. They improve sound quality and speech clarity differently than standard acoustic panels. Diffuser panels, rather than absorbing sound, disperse it as it reflects into the space. This method also reduces reverberation while improving sound quality.

Explore Altispace for the Latest Ceiling Designs

We generate products such as acoustic and laminate beams and shapes for your cloud space. Our customizable product line lets you quickly and easily create unique design concepts while improving your cloud space’s aesthetics and performance. 

We are a dedicated team every step of the way – from estimating, project management and technical support.

Our cost-effective products, created with our efficient engineering and manufacturing processes, elevate your cloud space for your designs. Key features we have pinpointed when developing our progressive product line for your designs include:

  • Broad product range for the cloud space in your project
  • Flexibility in design and customization for unique design concepts
  • Cost-effective products due to efficient engineering and manufacturing processes
  • Made with eco-friendly materials and processes
  • Made using lightweight panel construction
  • Made in North America

So why wait? Elevate your space with Altispace today!  Our team is ready to help you from the first inquiry to your completed installation. Contact us today!

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