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What are Acoustic Ceiling Tiles? 

Typically, the term ‘Ceiling Tiles’ refers to the type of ceiling panels comprising lightweight construction materials used to cover ceilings. They are placed on a steel or aluminum grid, and provide some thermal insulation but are usually designed to enhance the aesthetics of a room.

Why Are Acoustic Ceiling Tiles Necessary? 

A noisy environment can irritate the occupants and impair speech intelligibility. On the other hand, a room that is too quiet may appear lifeless and dull. Suspended ceiling acoustics have improved significantly, with increased sound absorption and attenuation.

The value of good room acoustics cannot be overstated. Effective sound control is a massive part of any interior environment. It is a significant factor in schools, concert halls, and workplaces where noise levels can be extremely high.

Excessive noise over long periods can disrupt the comfort of those who use the facilities. Above all, this can result in serious safety and health issues. In the worst-case scenario, it could result in irreversible hearing damage.

How Are Acoustic Ceiling Tiles Used? 

Many offices, retail stores, and other commercial spaces use a suspended dropped ceiling or T-Grid structure for their ceiling design. Acoustic Ceiling Tiles are installed within this structure to finish the look. 

This design works well for many buildings because it conceals unsightly infrastructure such as wiring, ductwork, or plumbing above the drop ceiling structure. Moreover, the plenum space between the tiles and the ceiling deck allows for inspection and maintenance.

Another goal of suspended ceilings is acoustic control. Highly absorbent materials, such as fibreglass or foam, could be used, for example, to reduce echo and reverberation within the space.

Alas, the standard tiles used in many buildings are of poor quality. Upgrading to acoustic ceiling tiles will not only improve the sound quality of the room you’re in, but it will also reduce room-to-room sound transfer and make heating and cooling more efficient. These tiles can be made from various acoustic materials such as fibreglass, foam, wood, polyester, and other substrates.

At Altispace, we have a variety of acoustic shapes that can be hung from your ceiling to aid in acoustic control and increase your space’s aesthetic appeal. These products go above and beyond your standard dropped ceiling system, adding a whimsical feel to any project.

Core Features of Acoustic Ceiling Tiles 

Sound Absorption 

Acoustic ceiling tiles that absorb sound are the most common. Absorptive ceiling tiles help to reduce reverberation that bounces around a room.

Our ceiling tile selection has higher absorption ratings to maximize sound control than traditional ceiling tiles. A high-density fibreglass board is used to produce many of our ceiling tiles. There are also other substrates available, such as acoustic foam and polyester. Our ceiling tile collection includes aesthetically pleasing options, cleanable and eco-friendly finishes, insulation value, impact resistance, fibre-optic lighting, and other features.

Sound Blocking 

Sometimes, you may wish to prevent sound from going through a ceiling grid system. Sound-blocking acoustic ceiling tiles may be the answer. 

Ceiling grid systems in most buildings will only have partition walls that stop where they meet the grid. Sound can easily flank through the grid into the next space if the walls do not go completely to the roof. You should also prevent mechanical noise from seeping into your office space.

Sound Diffusion

Sound diffusing acoustic ceiling tiles will scatter and disperse sound that strikes the surface. The shape of a typical sound diffuser is not flat. This redirects the sound in a different direction, reducing the intensity of the sound without removing the sound as an absorber material would. It helps to improve sound clarity and is particularly useful in critical listening environments.

Application Areas of Acoustic Ceiling Tiles 

Installation of acoustic ceiling tiles gives rise to numerous applications in various industries. Here are some of the following application areas: 


In today’s workplace, acoustic ceiling tiles offer the flexibility to address the need for quiet concentration, energetic collaboration, and everything in between.

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