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Sound absorption is one of the main objectives of your corporate office or music concert hall. Numerous equipment or manufacturing companies in the market claim to deliver 100% pure soundproofing solutions; among all, ALTISPACE’s Hanging Acoustic Baffles stand tall.  

These baffles can be installed anywhere from small offices or shops to large commercial spaces or dome typed stadiums to provide them with complete soundproofing solutions. Different baffles come in different varieties that have their own unique specifications. To learn more about Acoustic Baffles, continue reading this webpage, which demonstrates a complete overview of Hanging Acoustic Baffles and their implementation areas. 

Hanging Acoustic Baffles: An Overview 

The term “Hanging Acoustic Baffles,” aka soundproofing baffles, refers to the panels suspended from the ceiling or hung on the wall. A fibreglass, foam, or cotton core may be used in hanging sound baffles. The baffle can be made entirely of foam or wrapped in acoustic fabric. Our larger baffles have an aluminum frame for structural support.

You’ll have hundreds of acoustic fabric options with many of our acoustic hanging baffles. You could even provide a custom print to make an acoustic panel that doubles as a work of art. Levin Acoustic’s baffles have excellent noise absorption capabilities, are lightweight, and can be easily installed using chains and S-hooks to hang from the ceiling. 

What are Sound Waves and Sound Reflectors? 

Sound Waves

Typically, sound waves can be explained well as per the following example. Let’s say someone is on a stage in an auditorium, and you are in the audience. The person on stage starts singing about cows jumping over the moon. 

When sound exits their body, air particles vibrate. These air particles cause other nearby air particles to vibrate, forming a sound wave. The sound wave from the singing person will travel through the air and eventually reach your eardrums.

 The sound wave is detected when the vibrating particles cause your eardrums to oscillate. What you’ve just witnessed is sound absorption.

Sound Reflector

Sound waves can be absorbed or reflected in two ways. Hard materials reflect sound, whereas soft materials digest it. Recognize a large, empty room devoid of any furniture or wall hangings. If someone spoke in such a room, their voice would reflect off the bare walls, floor, and ceiling, resulting in an echo or reverb.

Core Features of Hanging Acoustic Baffles 

Hanging Acoustic Baffles play a vital role in enhancing the overall appearance of the commercial space. Moreover, it elevates your commercial space, whether a Music studio or a small concert hall/auditorium. They have the following features: 


  • Light and medium weight
  • High performance with quality sound absorption
  • More ingenious installation with sound modulation
  • 100% customer satisfaction with a proven track record
  • Suitable for prominent noise locations requiring a complete noise control inverter to provide complete satisfaction.

Where to Hang Acoustic Baffles? 

Hanging baffle systems are commonly used in large, open spaces to reduce echoes. They can, however, be used in any commercial, industrial, community, or livable housing. They can be safely hung from any ceiling that can handle light-duty chains, and they make an excellent noise-reducing option for:

Application Areas

  • Auditoriums
  • Classrooms
  • Gymnasiums
  • Industrial facilities
  • Entertainment facilities
  • Professional recording studios
  • Home recording studios
  • Restaurants
  • Manufacturing facilities
  • Broadcast studios
  • Computer and server rooms
  • Gun ranges
  • Call centers
  • Offices
  • Band practice rooms
  • Warehouses
  • Sports complexes
  • Dining halls
  • Theatres

The highlight reel is that you can use Hanging Acoustic Baffles anywhere you want to reduce echo and improve overall sound quality.

Significant Advantages of Installing Hanging Acoustic Baffles

Hanging baffles are a must-have in a large room where sound and communication are critical. Watching an orchestra play without panels to absorb sound could be unpleasant, especially if someone makes a mistake. Similarly, imagine watching a movie in a theatre without any soft materials to absorb some sound effects. It would be exhausting!

Acoustic hanging baffles generally improve sound quality and speech intelligibility in a room. You’ll also get the following benefits if you use them to remove the noise:

Enhanced Safety 

How exactly do hanging baffles improve safety? You may miss out on important safety information if you work in an industrial setting and need help hearing what your coworker is saying due to noise. But that is only one example. Noise can be hazardous in and of itself. 

According to the reports, approximately 30 million workers in industries such as manufacturing are exposed to hazardous noise levels on the job. Hanging baffles help reduce harmful noise and improve interaction, which is beneficial in any work regarding safety.

Boost Productivity 

Workers and students may struggle to concentrate in a noisy, distracting environment. Noise in the classroom, for example, has been shown to reduce schoolchildren’s memory, motivation, and reading ability. Baffles absorb distracting background noise, reverberation, and echos, allowing staff to hear what customers say on the phone and students to concentrate on their schoolwork.

Reduced Stress 

Who wants to be subjected to incoherent noise at work, school, or the gym? Noise pollution, which can be found anywhere there is disruptive noise, can cause your body to respond to stress. Hanging baffles, on the other hand, can make any space more comfortable and stress-free.

Speech Improvement 

Listening to a speaker in a large auditorium is all about understanding what they’re saying. Without acoustic baffles, you may only hear echoes and a lot of whining. Hanging baffles ensure that you get the message without straining your ears.

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If you are seeking quality Hanging Acoustic Baffles, then you have come to the correct destination – ALTISPACE.  We are a premium manufacturer of hanging baffles, soundproofing equipment, and much more with the advent of technology. 

There have been many new innovative techniques to control sound and noise, which can cause havoc in people’s minds—commercial places such as canteens, sports stadiums, industrial venues, malls, auditoriums etc., where it is necessary to obtain control of sound and modulation is required to avoid any noise transmission.

We offer various high-performance acoustic hanging baffles in various sizes and shapes.  Our team is ready to work with you on creating a quality, sound environment.

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