Custom Laminated Beams Available at Altispace

custom laminated beams in a hallways

What are Custom Laminated Beams? 

Wood is one of the most widely used facade options in numerous countries, and it offers a wide variety in terms of texture, strength, colour, and thickness. Most companies introduce different timbers among their custom ceiling beams.

Laminated timber is an engineered wood stronger than steel and can support more weight than a regular timber beam of the same size. It is constructed from multiple layers of structural timber laminates that adhere to one another with adhesives. These are water-resistant to avoid water damage.

To reduce the possibility of breakage, the wood grains are positioned parallel to the direction of the beam. Today, it is regarded as a high-tech, innovative material with applications in the architectural, construction, and industrial sectors. They are available in custom sizes and long beams for non-residential applications. Shafts made of glulam, unlike regular rays, can be curved.

Different Types of Laminated Beams

Custom laminated beams come in different types, some of which are: 

  • Cross Laminated Timbers
  • Glue Laminated Timber
  • Nail laminated Timber
  • Dowel Laminated Timber
  • Laminated Veneer Lumber

Core Benefits of Custom Laminated Beams 

Installing custom laminated beams has numerous benefits: 

  • Due to the structural strength and stability offered by pasting several layers together, glulam is much stronger than regular, solid timber.
  • Compared to other materials like steel, aluminum, or concrete, glulam requires a much lesser amount of energy to manufacture and produce.
  • Proper finishes can ensure that glulam has fire protection properties. It is available in various levels of fire ratings.
  • Timber textures add a warm and natural feel to a building.

Why Choose Altispace for Beams? 

If you are looking for quality beams for your project, then you have come to the right spot! Whether it’s a vaulted ceiling or aesthetic appeal for your commercial office, Altispace is your go-to premium interior design manufacturer, for your cloud space solutions.  They have a wide variety of laminate beams, custom beams, and sound baffles that are proficient in soundproofing and reducing echo effects. So why wait? Get in touch with us! 

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